Home Automation Control - Smart Life Instrumentation believes in incorporating automation to enhance everyday life in residential and commercial building extensions. By integrating smart solutions, we streamline tasks and achieve efficiency.

Office Automation - Our advanced office automation products eliminate the need for a large staff and intensive efforts, resulting in faster accomplishments. Smart Life Instrumentation offers top-notch office automation solutions that stand out in the competitive market.

Located in Ajman, UAE, we draw inspiration from the city's history, evident in its architectural features like wind towers and watchtowers. Our featured list of customized building automation products caters to your unique needs, including Power Metering Pro, Stage Lighting, HVAC control, and more.

Why Choose Smart Life Instrumentation? - Our clients and products remain our top priority. We listen to our clients, providing them with the best-customized building automation products and ensuring optimal performance.

Committed to Community

Our commitment extends to architects, designers, distribution partners, employees, and suppliers. At Smart Life Instrumentation, we offer comprehensive automation solutions with uncompromising international standards.

Happy to Help

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Our Customer Care Policy ensures a pleasant experience, addressing feedback promptly with expert service and support.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to rigorous quality control and audit processes to deliver products that meet the highest standards. Our dedication to automation is evident in our accountability and timely customer service.